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Ancestor Research

Searching for one’s personal roots in the past is an interesting and exciting topic.

Old documents or pictures provide the opportunity to reconstruct the life of our ancestors. It always starts with the investigation about their everyday environment, professions and locations where our ancestors lived.

Family chronicles can be puzzled together and estate chronicles combined in order to complete ancestral research. In this phase the historical and social background in which these people lived is included. The size of the estate, the ownership and rules and regulations for handing it over add a lively insight into the life of people at that time. Next to these worldly legal records and entries into church books (baptism registers, marriage registers, burial registers) various groups of historical sources provide an insight in this:

For example contracts for weddings or for handing over of a farm, last will contracts and in early times comments on tax ratings, size and condition of the estate or number of animals raised there. This information can be derived from tax books and land registers. According to the historical sources sometimes ancestors can be traced back for 300 years, sometimes even further, which can lead to interesting developments.


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