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Company Archive

Documentation of achieved goals and incorporating them into current procedures, or future developments is the objective of a company archive.


The set-up of a company archive forms the foundation for professional evaluation of company history. The systematic registration of archive material is the starting point for the conception of a company history, including important historical aspects. For example:

  • phase of company foundation and development
  • critical periods the company was dealing with
  • change in products/services then and now
  • changes in advertising campaigns (leaflets, newspaper ads)
  • company expansion, new buildings
  • awards or exhibitions
  • personnel situation (local, social historical aspects)

Moreover a modern and functioning company archive provides practical advantages for the current working process. Fast and efficient searches based on databases are very beneficial for the work flow in the company. They help to find required documents faster and therefore enable employees to make decisions or provide customer service faster.


  • Review

  • Ordering

  • Cataloguing

  • Maintenance