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Company History

In these days of fusion and globalization the documentation of company history is very important for the display of corporate identity.


Being in business successfully for quite a period of time stands for constant achievements, reputability and the ability to overcome difficult economic periods (Black Friday, World Wars, Recessions etc.). At the same time a long standing company history has shown the ability to react in the right way to market changes by changing or adopting products or services according to the client’s needs.

The readiness to bring innovations into business or the right evaluation of market trends has always been and still is fundamental for success in business world.
The display of company history, sometimes in combination with the history of an entrepreneur family, is prone to show this fact in a picturesque and also exciting way e.g. by looking at old advertising posters, or pictures from a company christmas party etc.

Company history can also be used as advertising for customers and clients. Displaying the high achievements of an already successful past and the company’s legacy is at the same time commitment for the future and introduces customers and clients to a competent life partner.


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